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Website Development

All websites, from simple brochure sites to complex feature-rich sites, are built with an underlying content management system. This means that, if you wish, you can take control of your content; but should you prefer not to then I can look after it for you. With a content management system you have the option to add a whole range of functions to engage with your visitors and provide them with a more rewarding experience.

Your website will be responsive. That means it will display equally well on a desktop, notebook, tablet or smart phone. Everything will be nicely scaled and laid out to ensure that the content looks good whatever medium you are using.

There are a wealth of features that can be built in. You can opt for a fully featured website straight away or start simple and plug in additional features as required. In any event the development process will include a requirements analysis phase to ensure that all your objectives and questions are covered. Throughout the site build you will be able to see the site evolve and provide feedback. Once the site is completed, training is provided to ensure you are comfortable with maintaining the content.

Some people will like to take full control of their website’s content and others may prefer not to get involved. This is fine either way. If required we can easily put in place a plan for me to look after your content.


Here, in no particular order, are some of the features that your website can contain.

  • Blog
  • Ecommerce
  • Events
  • Calendars
  • Forums
  • Guestbook
  • News
  • RSS Feeds
  • Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Galleries
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Mailing Lists
  • Membership Management
  • FAQ
  • User Management
  • Document Management
  • Slideshows
  • Portfolios
  • Social Media Links
  • Testimonials
  • Forms
  • Newsletters

Development Process

  • Requirements Analysis – Get a full understanding of your requirements for the website.
  • Approve – Agree cost, schedule, etc.
  • Design – Discuss colours, fonts, images, layouts, branding, etc.
  • Build – Show you the website as it’s being built to get your feedback.
  • Test – Check website for usability and completeness. Ensure all functionality is working correctly.
  • Document – Provide you with written instructions for maintaining the content.
  • Implement – Upload the site to your web host, check everything and go live.
  • Support – Help with content management, answer questions and ensure the site is in good working order.

Also included is guidance on search engine optimisation, linking to social media, setting up email accounts and arranging web hosting.

About EGN Systems

My name is Eugene Mulligan and I develop bespoke software applications through my business, EGN Systems Limited. I have been designing, developing and delivering software solutions for over 30 years.

Whilst most of that time has been spent running my own consulting business, I have also worked at investment banks and software houses (one of which I co-owned) in London. My clients have ranged from small local businesses to major financial institutions in the UK, Europe and SE Asia.

Now based in South Petherton in Somerset, my work centres on building web-based products. Until recently this included bespoke database-driven web applications, but now the focus is mainly on websites, anything from simple brochure to feature-rich managed content. Most of my customers are in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and the rest of the South West, but a wider location is no obstacle.

These are some of the businesses and organisations I’ve helped over the past few years…

  • Alpha Services, Somerset
  • CAC Europe Ltd, London
  • Credit Improver Ltd, Somerset
  • Dowlish Wake Golf Croquet Club, Somerset
  • Glen Cheyne Ltd, Dorset
  • InterBe Ltd, Devon
  • Jhasper Ltd, Somerset
  • New Century Creative Design Ltd, Somerset
  • NVB Architects, Somerset
  • Professional & Organisational Development, London
  • Sarah Ryan Yoga, Dorset
  • Seavington Parish Council, Somerset
  • Wendyoga, Dorset
  • Yoga Village, Somerset

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