Are you using professional movers for your next move in Arlington, VA? Don’t hire a moving company until you’ve asked them these questions!

What is your DOT number?

The DOT number is the license number given by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can use this number to check out the moving company’s license status and insurance.

What moving insurance is offered?

All moving companies are required to have basic insurance coverage for items, which is based on the weight of your goods (usually 65 cents per pound of goods). Obviously, this isn’t going to come out in your favor if your expensive flat screen TV gets damaged! See if they offer any other moving insurance and what the conditions are.

How many movers will the move take?

Pay attention to this! One moving company may have a slightly higher hourly rate, but have more movers – meaning the job should get done faster so the move actually costs less.

What items won’t they transport?

Movers won’t transport items like paint, gas, household cleaners, and flammable items. Some movers have other restrictions so ask about this!

What equipment do they use for moving?

Professional Arlington VA movers will have equipment to make the job go faster, such as lifts and dollies. Choose the moving company with the best equipment, even if they are slightly more expensive, as they will get the job done faster and with less damages.

What subcontractors do they use?

Depending on the type of services, the moving company may perform all services themselves. However, it is common for them to use subcontractors for services like vehicle transportation, piano moving, and even packing services.

What extra costs can I expect?

Moving companies will often charge extra for things like:

  • Stairs
  • Long carry (parking far from the door)
  • Elevators
  • Parking
  • Storage in transit
  • Fuel
  • Disassembling furniture