Bed bug is a common pest worldwide and is also common in Stavanger. Bed bugs are hard to be noticed, however when you actually realize their presence you are already fed up with them and you demand adequate reaction and their immediate extermination. Here are some common approaches to this problem.

Steam Treatment – it is a good bed bug control method, however it won’t absolutely take care of the issue and further insecticides application would be necessary for conducting effective pest eradication.

Heat Treatment – it is very suitable solution because bed bugs are heat sensitive and temperature over 45°C is quite unbearable to them. The essential disadvantage of this approach is that heat may cause the bugs to scatter and infest other areas of the property.

Cold Treatment – it is completely chemical free and non-toxic treatment, which makes it the perfect “green” exterminating method. Due to the fact that bed bugs become resistant to pesticides over time, the cold treatment is often a preferred method for a stubborn infestation case. Using this treatment, the residents won’t be requested to leave their home as a health preventive measure and the “cleaning” process could be conducted even in the kitchen while someone’s cooking for there are no negative consequences of its implementation.

Smoke Treatment – a final resort method for serious infestation. It involves chemicals application.

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