I’m sure you have heard of those TV shows where people come up with an invention and then try to get investors to back them. Maybe you’ve even thought about inventing something yourself. Maybe you have come up with a great idea for an invention, but you just don’t know how to go about making it happen. Or maybe you have already made some progress in designing your product and now want to know if it’s worth pursuing further.

So the question is: Can I patent an invention idea? The answer is yes! You can patent an invention idea and protect it from being stolen by others who would profit from your hard work. But there are some things that need to be considered before going forward with this process.

The first step in this process is coming up with an invention idea that has commercial potential. You will need to ask yourself if there are enough people out there who would buy your product or service at a reasonable price point, given the competition level in the marketplace at that time. If so, then you should start thinking about developing a prototype so that other people can see what they’re getting into when they invest money into your idea.

You can also use a prototype to test the market and gauge interest in your product or service. Once you have your prototype ready, then you can begin working on a business plan to present to investors. This will give them an idea of what’s in store for them.

You should also begin to think about how you’re going to market your product or service once it’s ready for sale. If you want the business venture to be successful, then it’s important that you have a marketing plan in place before launching.