Inventions are the result of someone’s creativity. An invention can be a process, a machine, or even a new material. Inventions are products of the human mind that have been brought into existence by one or more people.

The word ‘invention’ comes from the Latin word inventus which means “to discover”. Inventions are discoveries made by people in different fields such as science, technology and engineering.

Invention is the application of knowledge to create something new and useful for the benefit of humanity as described in this article – The greater the benefit for humankind, the greater is its value judged by society.

There are various types of inventions:

1) Process invention: It is an invention that involves a method or process used to make something. Examples include methods for making things faster or more efficiently (such as using electricity instead of steam in trains), as well as new processes for producing substances that were previously difficult to make (such as plastics). A process may also be used for producing something where there is no existing process for doing so (such as extracting oil from tar sands).

2) Machine invention: It is an invention that involves some kind of mechanical device or tool which performs a specific function with great efficiency and economy in place of manpower or manual effort . Examples of machine inventions include the steam engine, cotton gin and printing press.

3) Computer: It is an electronic device that can process information, store it, and communicate with other computers. Examples of computer inventions include the ENIAC, which was one of the first general-purpose computers, and the Apple II, which was one of the first home computers.

4) Software: It is a set of instructions that can be used by a computer to perform some task. Examples include Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suite.

5) Internet: It is a network of networks that allows computers to communicate with each other using a set of standard protocols. Examples of Internet inventions include HTML, which is used to create web pages, and FTP, which allows users to upload files.

6) Mobile phone: It is a portable device that can make and receive calls over an existing network.

There are literally thousands of ways in which tech inventors have changed our lives – and there are hundreds of other examples that could be mentioned here. But the point is that you don’t have to be a genius like Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein to change the world with your inventions. You can start small and build up from there, just like these inventors did.