DSTV (Direct-to-view) is a satellite television system that allows viewers to watch live TV channels from around the world directly into their homes. This service was first introduced in South Africa in 1995 and has since become popular across the globe. In order to receive this service, you need to have access to a dish antenna and a set top box.

How To Install A Dish Antenna

DSTV installation is not difficult. The first step in installing a dish antenna is to find out where your nearest provider is located. You can do this by visiting DSTV provider website. Once you know where the closest provider is, you should then go to the provider’s website and sign up for a subscription plan. After signing up, you will be given a unique code that you will use to activate your account.

How To Set Up Your Box

After activating your account, you will be sent a unique activation code via SMS. You will need to enter this code into your set top box in order to complete the installation. If you are not able to locate your set top box, you may visit any local electronics store and ask them to help you install it.