Begin by brushing the dog while he’s lying on his side with gentle soft strokes to reassure him that it’s no different than being petted. It goes without saying to brush in an area that has no tangles. Slowly work your way into a difficult area. Start by working at the ends of the hair and brushing in towards the skin. If the dog overreacts, pulls away, yelps, or tries to bite, say his name and the command ‘no’ in a reassuring and calming voice. Consistency is the key and he must be put back to a lying position so you can begin again. You can always call in the professional mobile groomers Orlando to take care of your dog right in front of your home.

Once he is completely brushed, you can bathe him in warm, not hot water. Do not submerse him in a tub full of water; rather, wet his coat using a sprayer hose or even a jug, being careful not to get water in his ears and nose. Dogs hate getting water in their ears and understandably in their nose.

A good tearless shampoo and thorough rinsing followed by another thorough rinse will ensure a clean coat without residue and against possible irritation of soaps.

When it is time to dry the dog, use the low temperature setting on your dryer. If the setting is too hot, it can be uncomfortable and dangerous, especially for dogs with health problems.

A soft brush that won’t irritate the skin is best for the final brushing and will work fine if you removed all the tangle before the bath.

Using the clippers can be frightening for the first time for a puppy and fretful for a blind or deaf dog. An aggressive is usually afraid of the noise too and may even try to attack the clipper. Hold the clipper, turned on, in your hand but use the back of your hand to stroke the dog in the area you need to clip. When they realize it doesn’t hurt they will calm down enough to make a clipper pass and cut the hair at least for the one stroke. This may have to be repeated until you are finished, but chances are that if no mishap occurs the dog will be much better and less fearful the next time it is groomed.