Regular termite inspections will keep a home safe from the destruction the critters can deliver. It does not mean regular inspections will eliminate termites, but regular inspections will identify problem areas before they become a major problem. Termite specialists recommend yearly inspections, but if your home is in a high risk area, such as Sunshine Coast, inspections between 3 to 6 month intervals are recommended.

You, as the homeowner, can conduct a visual inspection for termites on a regular basis and be on the lookout for signs that may indicate termite activity. Termites are about the size of a grain of rice and they prefer to stay out of the light. They do their best work in the cover of darkness, so it is not always easy to see where they are working at the time.

There are certain tell tale signs that indicate termites are present. If they are moving from the soil to a home, they will build mud tunnels along the side of the concrete foundation. They will look like threads of dirt, but they are filled with destruction. If you see threads of dirt, they are most likely and it is time to call in a Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast company for a professional inspection.

Termites tend to swarm in the spring when the reproductive females are in search of a place to create a new colony. This is the only visible means of termite activity. Once the swarmers find a new place to call home, they discard their wings and they will usually be found in groups near the area they are about to invade. If you see swarms and discarded wings, it is time to call in a termite specialist to perform an inspection.

Since termites eat from the inside out, a lot of damage can happen before it is noticed. If you tap on wood and it sounds hollow, there is a good chance termites are at work or quite possibly have finished their meal are on the hunt for dessert. Tapping on wood around the perimeter of your home once in a while may reveal termite presence. If you detect a hollow sound in wood, call a termite inspector as soon as possible.