If you have created your real estate blog using standard version of WordPress, you can use plug-ins to enhance its features. Installing a plug-in is easy and almost anyone can do it.

Before you install WordPress plug-ins, you obviously need to figure out the features that you need. To make it easy for you to choose, WordPress theme plug-ins are categorized according to the features they provide. WordPress Administration plug-ins allow you to customize your blog with features like Admin Tools, Syndication, Tweaking, Meta, Restrictions, and much more.

WordPress plug-ins also have a design, layout and style category. Plug-ins relating to design, style and layout allow the user to modify and customize archive, calendar, randomness and styles. For WordPress real estate sites there are high quality plugins and CRM’s such as the LionDesk CRM as you can see from this 2021 Liondesk review.

A good plug-in offered by WordPress is the Canvas plug-ins. Canvas from free theme WordPress comes with many interesting features. Banner, RSS, Static, Flickr, Random Tagline, Comment, Text, Feature, Category List, Archive, Calendar, Search, and Post are some of the features that Canvas offers. The plug-in is free and within minutes or in couple of hours you will have your blog ready.

Installing the free theme WordPress plug-ins is very easy. First upload your plug-in to the plug-ins folder or free theme WordPress content. Use the browser and login to go to the WordPress site and then click on the plug-ins link. You will get a list of available plug-ins. Find the plug-ins that you uploaded and simply click activate. With this simple process you are ready to change the way your blog looks.